2017 Lecture Series: SAVE THE DATE

Come learn about ABI-LAB's resident companies and have lunch with us!

Save the date: Friday May 19th, 12-1pm

Join the managing partners, Friday May 19th from 12-1 pm, for lunch and presentations, from Dr. Roy Lobb & Adam Nir, to learn about the work they have been doing at ABI-LAB.

Dr. Roy Lobb will be speaking about "Rerouting the CAR", a novel approach to CAR T cell therapy.
Dr Roy Lobb is currently the Director and Cofounder of Aleta Biotherapeutics. He has been with this company from conception. The company is 1 years old and they have been residents at ABI-LABS for just over 8 months. Previously, Dr Lobb was a consultant and co-founder of Avila Therapeutics, and was a Senior Director of Discovery Research when working at Biogen.

Adam Nir will shed some light on "The Importance of Biomarkers".
Adam Nir is the biomarker supervisor at SBH Sciences; a role he has held for the last half year. Additionally, Adam serves as the principal scientist for SBH Diagnostics, a CRO dedicated to biomarker analysis services, for the last two years. Prior to becoming the Biomarker Supervisor, Adam gained expertise in multiple departments at SBH Sciences. When not in the lab, you can find Adam on the field playing Frisbee.




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