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The 408 ft2 lab includes 9 foot ceilings, benches and sink. A hood and an incubator are also in the lab for use by the resident. In addition, back up generator plugs are located in the lab. All our resident companies also have access to the common lab equipment in our common area. Please call for details (617) 365-3427.

Shared Lab Space

ABI-LAB's shared lab space is now full. We have created a waiting list for anyone interested. Please contact us today for more information.

ABI-LAB's Mission

ABI-LAB ABI-LAB is an affordable Boston-based Accelerator and Bio-Incubator whose mission is to support startup companies, and to accelerate their drug discovery programs, through the availability of 18 lab spaces and innovative pre-clinical services.

The renovations to our 17,000 ft2 building are now complete and we are proud to offer 17 private lab suites. Each suite (approx. 500 ft2) includes a modern lab and most also include office space. In addition, we accommodate a number of additional companies in our shared laboratory space.

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Our Facility Offers:

  • State-of-the-Art Infrastructure
    • 16 ft. Lab benches with shelving
    • Access to large and small lab equipment
    • Fully equiped cell culture room
    • Refrigerator, freezer (-20°C, -80°C) and cryo storage
    • Hazardous material storage, chemical hood use, gas supply
    • 24/7 facility access, free WiFi, free parking, cleaning service
    • Autoclave, glass washer, deionized water, and ice machine

  • Collaborative atmosphere. We offer a modern and open reception area, two kitchens, and two conferences rooms to facilitate interaction amongst our resident companies.

  • Quarterly lecture series to support our startup companies, entrepreneurs and scientists

  • Mentoring and business networking available by Dr. Raphael Nir; scientist, entrepreneur, and co-founder of 6 biotechnology companies. He has worked with over 180 companies during his 19 years as President and Chief Scientific Officer of SBH Sciences.

  • On-site contract lab services. Services include but are not limited to: protein production, cell-culture, cell-based assays, biomarker analysis and animal studies (Oncology and NASH models).

  • Grant application consulting services through Phase Design Research

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